Diversity Events

diverse meeting.jpg

You are invited to join Being Human Services

and local guest speakers for a free and

interactive round table discussion.  Learn

some facts and grow your knowledge about diversity, equity, and inclusion in a round

table  discussion with other local employers.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is becoming top of mind for many companies, but many of us lack the knowledge, skills, or tools to take meaningful and long-term action.  Designed to facilitate an increased knowledge of DEI principles and practices, we will explore the visible and invisible difference we each may have.  DEI awareness, understanding and engagement can build stronger teams that work together effectively.


Check out our upcoming virtual

Lunch Time Learning opportunities!

Learning Lunch with BHS, Thursday, November 4:  12 - 1:00 pm

Learning Lunch with BHS, Tuesday, November 23:  12 - 1:00 pm

Learning Lunch with BHS,
Wednesday, December 8:  12 - 1:00 pm 

For more information, contact Kevin Pahl
Diversity Program Manager