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Local Resources

Being Human Services

Being Human Services are integration service and development professionals in facilitating welcome, inclusive, and productive workplaces.  Our WIN "Workplace Integration for Newcomers" program assists new Canadians with employment readiness and language support to develop connections to Canadian workplaces.  Our Diversity: An Employer Advantage program was created as an introduction to Diversity in the workplace and the considerations for stating a business case for it as a company.  We also educate on successfully working with Newcomers and the need to build a sense of belonging as part of a robust retention strategy.

Saamis Immigration Services Association

Saamis Immigration Services Association (SISA) is a government-funded non-profit organization which has been assisting with the integration, adjustment, and resettlement of immigrants and refugees in the community of Medicine Hat since it's opening in 1988.

Brooks & Country Immigration Services

BCIS is a not-for-profit organization, which provides settlement and integration services to all immigrants, refugees, and temporary foreign workers. It is a project of Calgary Catholic Immigration Society.

Medicine Hat Local Immigration Partnership

The Medicine Hat Local Immigration Partnership (MHLIP) is a coalition of service providers, community organizations, and newcomers that work together to strengthen the community’s ability to welcome, attract, and retain immigrants and newcomers.  MHLIP envisions Medicine Hat becoming a place where immigrants and newcomers:

  • Are welcomed, supported, and engaged

  • Will know where to find services

  • Will know how to connect to the community upon arrival

  • Are actively involved in all aspects of community life

  • Will feel like they belong in the community and will stay. 

MHLIP welcomes new partners including employers, agencies, and newcomers themselves.

The Connection

The Connection is an Intercultural association operating in Medicine Hat. Year-round their social events and inclusion programs provide Canadians and international people (newcomers) a platform to meet and build meaningful relationships. Our local volunteers provide English-language-learners with the opportunity to learn the English language through our mentoring program and informal events.

Local Resources


A collection of articles and blogs that outline the various aspects and business case considerations for DEI

in the workplace.



Links to official government pages including reports, plans, and policies around hiring and retaining Newcomers as workers.


HR Resources

Links to HR professional workplace information highlighting recruiting strategies, hiring, and employment rules for all types of Newcomers.


Inclusive Recruitment: 9 Practices + Infographic

(2021) This blog explains what inclusive recruitment is about and talks about the importance and benefits of inclusive recruitment. It also includes great infographics that introduce and outline nine effective inclusive hiring practices.

The Importance of Cultural Diversity in the Workplace

(2020) This blog looks at the importance of why cultural diversity in the workplace can’t be understated.

8 Amazing Benefits of Cultural Diversity in the Workplace

This 6Q blog explores eight benefits to individuals and employing companies and why they should consider making an effort to hire a diverse range of people, across gender, age and cultural backgrounds.

How To Get Serious About Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace - Janet Stovall

(2018) In this 11 minute candid TEDtalk, inclusion advocate Janet Stovall shares a three-part action plan for creating workplaces where people feel safe and expected to be their unassimilated, authentic selves.

Ideas to Implement Diversity

(2020) Blog by TalentLyft to discover 10 great ideas for promoting workplace diversity and inclusion! All these ideas are very easy to implement, yet very powerful. Each idea is followed by a real-life example of a company who is championing that specific workplace diversity and inclusion initiative.

13 Benefits and Challenges of Cultural Diversity in the Workplace

(2019) HULT International Business School blog post on why successful businesses must continue to think inclusively and globally and that embracing cultural diversity in the workplace is an important first step for businesses that want to be competitive on an international scale.

Triec Mentoring Partnership

The Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council online library of training tools for mentoring including e-learning modules, video’s and PDF’s.

Cultural Crossing Guide
The Culture Crossing Guide is an evolving database of cross-cultural information about every country in the world (over 200 countries listed). This user-built guide allows people from all walks of life to share essential tips with each other about how to navigate our increasingly borderless world with savvy and sensitivity.

Informative Resources


Economic Profile Series: Medicine Hat, Alberta

(2019) This five-page Government of Canada report highlights key labour market statistics in Medicine Hat and area and the role that immigration has played, or could play, to help communities flourish. The report uses current population and labour market trends to give a profile of how immigration might play a role.

Canada’s Immigration Plan 2021 - 2023
This two and a half minute YouTube Video outlines how the 2021-2023 Immigration Levels Plan aims to welcome about 60 per cent of all immigrants under economic class programs, including through Express Entry and the Provincial Nominee Program.

Canada’s Immigration Policy

(2020) An informational and historical look at Canada’s comparatively open and well-regulated immigration system and why Canada has become a top destination for immigrants and refugees.

The Employer’s Roadmap to Hiring and Retaining Internationally Trained Workers
(2020) Government of Canada informational website which also includes a downloadable 30-page PDF.

Labour Market Outcomes Among Refugees to Canada

(2019) Stats Canada study that focuses on the employment and earnings outcomes of refugees to Canada from 13 major source countries over the 1980-to-2009 period. These outcomes were tracked for up to 15 years after entry. This paper discusses several salient findings.

Government Resources

HR Resources

Employer Guide to Hiring Newcomers – Information and Resources

(2016) 21-page PDF that was created during the influx in Syrian refugees that helps advance the ability of employers to recruit and retain talented newcomers of all backgrounds.

Investing in Refugee Talent (Cities of Migration)

(2019) 44-page PDF by Global Diversity Exchange that supports employers to realize the benefits of immigrant skills, talents and experience. A timely and practical guide to galvanize public and private sector response to the challenges faced by newcomers in local labour markets.

Improving Diversity Recruiting Strategy: 7 Practical Tip

6Q explains in their blog why using a diversity recruitment strategy is a good strategy and how to improve your own strategy.


D&I: Complete Guide for HR Professionals

(May 2021 update) ideal. A HR company out of Toronto with a quick start look at D&I including statistics and at a glance resource (with email sign up) for businesses to start to develop a D&I program.

An Employer’s Guide to Employment Rules
(2018) Government of Alberta publication containing information for employers who are new to hiring employees.

Guide to Creating an Inclusive Workplace​

(2006) 40-page PDF Document put out by the Canadian Human Rights Commission designed to assist employers in understanding their legal obligations regarding the duty to accommodate, and in creating workplace accommodation policies and procedures.


Peninsula is a consulting agency that provides support to Canadian small businesses with HR and health & safety compliance. They ensure a business is up-to-date and compliant with the ongoing changes in employment legislation.

HR Downloads

HR Downloads offers practical human resources solutions for business owners and HR professionals. They provide cost-effective and time-saving documentation, live HR support by Senior HR Advisors, and online surveys and training solutions to transform the efficiency of HR processes.

HR Insider
HR Insider is a one-stop for expert legal advice, easy-to-implement tools, compliant policies, training, documentation and much more.


First Reference

First Reference provides Canadian organizations of any size with practical and authoritative resources to help ensure compliance with payroll and employment law and to establish robust internal controls in the areas of human resources, accounting and finance, corporate governance, information technology, not for profit, and operations and marketing.

HR Resources


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