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Learning Opens New Doors

David was laid off for the first time in his life and was facing limited job opportunities in his health and safety field. He had never needed to apply for a job before and so the job-search process was all new to him.

David came into the Being Human Services office in November with low morale due to his unsuccessful five-month job search. But their Transition to Employment Services program staff helped David turn things around.

David found the staff were able to boost his confidence and morale while they taught him how to look for a job. He took workshops on writing an effective resumé, identifying his transferable skills, and improving his job interview skills. David also got help earning the security license he needed to qualify for the job.

He says the most important thing he learned was how to research companies before the job interview.

David found work as a security officer with the Commissionaires at CFB Suffield and he is enjoying his new position.

“The Being Human Services staff made me feel better—they have great personalities. They taught me things that I didn’t know and helped me succeed.”

The Transition to Employment Services program is funded by Alberta Human Services’ Alberta Works program.

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