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Recruitment Services

As a Licensed Employment Agency, we are able to offer an expanded range of services to Employers which includes Recruitment. We are in the business of connecting people with people.  Our recruitment services promise to take the stress and pressure of this time consuming process off of you. Let us handle it.  Our team of Employment Specialists have the knowledge and experience to ensure that you will have the best choice of candidates for the role you are hiring for.  We promise to deliver exceptional service throughout the process by listening to the needs of you, our valued clients.

How can Recruitment Services Benefit my Business?

Recruitment Services

We will advertise your job vacancies using multiple mediums to attract suitable applicants.

We will recruit, screen, and conduct comprehensive reference checks.

We will offer skills testing for Administrative positions.

We will interview potential job candidates.

We will select the top person or top 2-3 candidates for the job vacancy (as per employer request).

We will assist with on-boarding the new employee and will provide follow up to ensure job retention.

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"It's about having the right people,
with the right abilities,
in the right place,
at the right time."
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