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This particular example of a quote has been specifically designed to include a combination of Leadership Conflict and 363° Feedback for 12 participants.


THE WORK OF LEADERS MADE SIMPLE: VISION, ALIGNMENT, AND EXECUTION. The Everything DiSC Work of Leaders® Profile uses a research-validated learning model to create a highly personalized learner experience. The profile is leadership-specific with in-depth information, including tips, strategies, and action plans to help leaders become more effective.

Fee Schedule

Work of Leaders

Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Workshop - 27 Hour Session          $8,100.00

6 – Productive Conflict Profile - $90.00 / person                                 $540.00

12 - Work of Leader Profile Assessments - $120.00 / person             $1,440.00

12 - 363 Degree Feedback Assessment - $240.00 / person              $2,880.00

                                                                                 Subtotal    $12,960.00

                                                                                 GST 5%         $648.00

                                                                                      Total    $13,608.00



Pamela Wagner, M.Ed, RSW, CHRP                  or                         Peggy Gizen

President / Managing Director                                                    Training Manager/Facilitator  

Course Outline

Leadership and 363-Degree Feedback


Team Building: Accepting and Respecting Different Work Styles             

(Personality Dimensions) with Peggy Gizen – Personality Dimensions is an approach to understanding ourselves and others which identifies behaviors and personalities into four color groups. Each of the four colors has its own strengths and attributes. Although everyone shares a level of each color, most people have a primary “brightest” color, which defines them across most environments over time. Discover your natural skills and learn how to work more effectively with individuals of varying colors.

Presentation Objectives

Developing Self-Understanding will:

  • Increase appreciation for colleagues

  • Improve communication

  • Help deal with conflicts

  • Enhancing problem solving and decision making

  • Recognize and manage stress

Fee Schedule

Personality Dimensions Presentation

Personality Dimensions - 6 Hour Session                                        $1,200.00

21 - Materials - $10 / person                                                         $210.00

                                                                                 Subtotal    $1,410.00

                                                                                 GST 5%         $70.50

                                                                                      Total    $1,480.00


Everything DiSC® Workplace Profile is an excellent team building tool that has the potential to elevate morale and enthusiasm, optimize team performance, and build mutual respect.  Each participant will discover their own DiSC® style which will help them recognize their priorities, motivators and stress triggers that shape their workplace experience. 


This quote is based on a workshop with 14 participants. Additional participants are welcomed, we would simply adjust the assessment fee to include them.  The following is a breakdown of the training based on three modules.


You may choose to complete one or all three of the modules.


Module 1: Discovering Your DiSC® Style


  • Learn about the DiSC® model and the Everything DiSC Workplace® Map

  • Identify your style and explore the priorities that drive you during your workday

  • Discover the similarities and differences among the DiSC® style

Module 2:  Understanding Other Styles


  • Discover your reactions to different DiSC® styles

  • Identify what works for you and what challenges you when working with each style

  • Use the DiSC® model to understand the people you work with


Module 3: Building More Effective Relationships


  • Learn how others have bridged their differences using DiSC®

  • Practice using DiSC® to build more effective relationships at work

  • Write an action plan for building more effective relationships

Fee Schedule

Module 1:

Everything DiSC® Workplace Profile Workshop – 3 hour session        $900.00

21 DiSC® Assessments ($60 / person)                                         $1,260.00

                                                                                 Subtotal    $2,160.00

                                                                                 GST 5%       $108.00

                                                                                      Total    $2,268.00

Module 2 and 3:

Everything DiSC® Workplace Profile Workshop – 3 hour session        $900.00

                                                                                 Subtotal       $900.00

                                                                                 GST 5%         $45.00

                                                                                      Total       $945.00

Total Modules 1, 2 & 3:                                                               $3,213.00

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