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What is your name & title?

Heather Smith-Schenkey

Health & Safety Manager

South Country Co-op Limited

Health and Safety Department

How did you hear about us?

I have previously hired a Team Member from

Being Human Services.

Do you feel the job seeker you hired is a good fit?


How did you find the

hiring process?

The hiring process was straight forward and easy to work through.  I received three resumes from Being Human Services based on my initial inquiry.  Those applicants were all very suited for the position and all three were interviewed.  During the process, I received two more resumes and from reviewing their resumest they also appeared to be excellent applicants.  However, I did not interview them as I had already interviewed three excellent applicants.  The final decision was the most difficult part of the process because all three applicants interviewed all so well suited for the position. 

How do you feel the communication was with us through the hiring process?

The communication was "spot on"

and totally met my needs.

How do you feel the communication was with you after the hiring process? 

Follow up communication was also appropriate an met my needs and expectations.

What do you feel were the advantages in working

with us?

One of the greatest advantages of working with Being Human Services is that the resumes I received were appropriate for the position I was filling.  Prescreening had already occurred and this made the hiring process from my end a breeze.  The resumes were all professionally completed and reflected the applicant accurately.

Would you recommend our services to other businesses?

Absolutely, without hesitation!

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