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Courage and Positivity Lead to a New Found Passion

Mary was looking for a positive change and experience in her world.  What she found was an ad on Kijiji about a Gen Y and Z Program being offered through Being Human Services.  Mary met with Kelly McNeely to discover what this program was all about and thought “this can’t hurt”.

During her program, Mary enjoyed learning about all the things that make people different in their own unique way.  This knowledge taught her how to react or not react to differences – she learned not to take everything so personally, when that may not be the case.  Mary stated that she is proud of herself and has increased her self-awareness and boosted her self-confidence – she sits and stands straighter now – more understanding of who she is and an acceptance of her strengths and abilities.  All the staff were supportive of her growth and development and each one taught her diverse and unique things. Staff inspired, motivated and challenged Mary to move forward with her life.  Mary said that each workshop taught her different life lessons and at the end of the program became collective and wholistic in her view of herself.  Her classmates offered her support, helped her gain confidence and she has made new friends as an added bonus.

Mary was offered a work experience at PetSmart as part of her Gen Y and Z Program. She is excited as she drives to work for her shift at PetSmart.  She loves it there – staff are awesome!  She enjoys learning about all the products and services that are offered to pet owners. Mary is very proud of all the community work that PetSmart is involved with and is honored to be a part of the contributions they make to a variety of organizations.  She is thrilled to be offered the opportunity to train in the salon / grooming area.

PetSmart Inc. is the largest specialty pet retailer of services and solutions for the lifetime needs of pets. At PetSmart, they love pets and they believe pets make us better people.

Katrina Caunter – Store Leader for the local Medicine Hat PetSmart is very impressed with Mary’s attitude and willingness to learn on the jobsite.  Katrina stated that Mary’s involvement with the Gen Y and Z Training Program gave Mary exposure, background and experience in what PetSmart would expect from her in their training program.


Mary has completed all required core floor training and is currently completing some hands-on training in the salon area.  Katrina commended Mary on her openness to coaching / guidance and taking feedback to her heart – which is the big thing for Katrina. She catches on quickly and is thorough – Mary does not want to disappoint.  Mary is very personable and is willing to help team members without question or complaint.  She is a positive, contributing member of the PetSmart team!

Mary is kind and generous – she has welcomed a rescue dog Bandit into her home and into her heart.  And a big heart she has – big enough to take care of all the pet owners and their pets at work and then come home and give the rest to Bandit!

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