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Human Resource Services

Our Being Human Resources division offers Human Resource Services for all employers.  Our HR team, lead by Pamela Wagner, CPHR, offers consultations to your organization to address issues of HR Policy and Procedures, Recruitment, On-boarding, Employee Retention, performance Reviews and Employee Well Being.

How can HR Services Benefit my Business?

HR Services

Does your company operate without a Human Resource Department?  Maybe you require some human resource consulting from time to time?  We can help.  We offer these services: 

  • Job Descriptions - creating and updating

  • Performance Management

  • On-boarding new employees

  • Employee retention

  • Exit interviews

  • Policy and Procedure Manual - creating and updating

HR Management Consulting

Our Human Resource Management Consulting Services are designed to help Business Owners and Managers  with important issues that every company faces such as Strategic Planning and Conflict Resolution.  These consultations can take the pressure off you by creating solutions to some of the higher level issues.  Our professional staff are experts in the area of Human Resources and look forward to sharing this expertise with you.

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"Our greatest resource is our
human resource."
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