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Becoming a Part of a Supportive Team

Anthony’s soon to be wife was on Facebook and saw a posting about the Gen Y and Z Program offered by Being Human Services. A couple of weeks later he was sitting in a classroom. Anthony said that the Gen Y & Z Program flipped his life! He enjoyed all aspects of the program stating that the lessons were relatable and transferable to both his personal life and his work life. Anthony is on a budget craze right now due to his budgeting class and he is using tips and tricks that he learned. He is also taking all his classroom knowledge and newly acquired skills to the workplace and is very successful.

The Gen Y and Z Program reinforced to Anthony that employers aren’t ambiguous; they are people with expectations, personalities and who have different communication styles than him. He found that the Myers Briggs and Personality Dimensions classes taught him how to relate to people in a positive and constructive manner and how to best convey his ideas to them. 

Anthony never considered a job in flooring before the Gen Y and Z Program and was up for the opportunity when he was offered a work experience at Design Flooring. He loves the challenges, creativity and problem solving of the industry including tiling and dealing with transitional flooring. Anthony said that there is a “brotherhood” in the industry and on his crew – they have taken him under their wing since day one. He has never worked on a crew who is so open to teaching and guiding him on the job site. Anthony knows he can ask anyone on his crew any question so that he can continue to learn and do the best he can on the projects that they are working on.


Kevin Brooks, President of Design Flooring Centre, stated that the Gen Y and Z Program has dual benefits to employers and the employee."It’s a two-way street." The wage subsidy took away the risk of hiring a new employee and allowed his company time to properly orientate and train Anthony on the work site. New employees cost a company money and Kevin did not lose “labour” hours training Anthony  and was impressed that Anthony had already completed some safety certifications during the Gen Y and Z Program as this is value added to a new employee. 


Kevin Steinke, Production Manager, added that the Gen Y and Z Program work experience component allowed the Design Flooring Centre team time to train Anthony in the flooring industry which instilled competence and confidence on the job site. In their industry, they deal with time lines and tight schedules and Anthony was prepared to be challenged and to be successful.


Both Kevin Brooks and Kevin Steinke speak highly of Anthony as being hard working, diligent, ready to learn and happy and cheerful on the job site. “Anthony doesn’t sit still until you tell him to take a break. He sets up the job according to the individual crew specifications and can accommodate each crew members style and this is no easy task. Anthony contributes to a positive team environment and is well liked by his crew."


Anthony is happily married and happily employed and his story will continue….

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