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Pride and Determination Pay Off

Jared is a proud man – proud of who he is and proud of his work ethic – a quiet kind of proud.  Jared will not be boastful or loud about it – he will prove it through his actions.  Jared wanted to get out of “the patch” as he was tired of living away from home and the lifestyle it was offering him.  His ego was taking multiple kicks as he was looking for work in the trades arenas and was not getting any interviews – he knows he is a hard-working guy – why wouldn’t anyone give him a chance to prove it?  So, as he was cruising the internet trying to find jobs that he felt no one would give him a shot at – he discovered information on the Gen Y and Z Program.  He said he knew that the program would open more doors for him, so he applied and was offered a seat in the program.

Now Jared is not a “sitting” kind of man – so having a seat in a classroom was an experience for him!  Jared enjoyed learning about how other people work – how other people think – and differences in strengths and communication styles.  He stated he liked the personal development part of the program.  The Gen Y and Z Program opened a door for him – the door to a work experience at Fix Auto North in Medicine Hat.

Patrick Quinlan, General Manager of Fix Auto North / Sun City Ford stated the Gen Y and Z work experience allowed his business to work with Jared as they may not have interviewed him or hired him due to his lack of direct experience in the automotive / autobody industry.  The 11-week work experience allowed the employer “time” to expose Jared to all aspects of the autobody and automotive industry.  Patrick stated that sometimes with new employees they do not understand the level of skill, the level of process and the attention to consistency that is required on the jobsite.  The wage subsidy is an opportunity to take a leap of faith with an individual and diminishes the financial commitment to invest in the development of an employee.  This time is essential to both the employer and the employee – does the employer see growth and learning in the employee and is the employee interested in this industry?

Patrick speaks highly of Jared and said that he is “servant minded” – he wants to do a good job and proves this through his actions, motivation and attitude.  Patrick said that skill development can be taught, but “inner desire” cannot be taught.  Jared came with a fantastic work ethic and strives to always get things done – Jared wants to do the right thing for the company and proves this commitment daily.  Patrick stated that Jared is eager to learn and a down to earth type of employee.

Garry Peltier, Business Development Manager, echoed Patrick’s thoughts on the work experience component – this allowed Fix Auto North an opportunity to work with Jared who was “green” in the industry.  Garry said that Jared takes initiative to do what needs to be done – he has “the vision” to see what to do without being asked.  Jared demonstrates a willingness to take on challenges and tasks and always helps his co-workers to accomplish what needs to be accomplished. 

Jared thrives in the hands-on Fix Auto North environment – no more sitting – and with the variety of his day to day tasks.  He is always willing to come in early or stay late to get the job done.  Jared said that he enjoys the people; everyone is easy to get along, easy to work for, and easy to work with – that’s a lot of easy for someone who enjoys a challenge!

We are proud to announce that Jared was recently awarded an Autobody Technician Apprenticeship.

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