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From Empty Handed to Employed

Taylor Ismond was unemployed for over a year due to the economy and lack of job openings. She was feeling very frustrated as she was pounding the pavement looking for work and coming up empty handed. Grandma to the rescue! Her grandmother noticed that Being Human Services was offering a training program for youth in our community. Taylor met with a member of the Being Human Services Team and was accepted into the program.

Taylor thoroughly enjoyed the training portion of the program. She loved how interactive and hands-on the classes were and how the classes made her think – think about her life, career and employment options. Taylor said that this was the first time that she got to know herself! She learned how to look for a job that suits her and fits her interests, abilities and strengths. Taylor stated that Being Human Services staff were there for her – they cared about her and made her take responsibility for her choices and actions. She learned to think before she acted.


Taylor entered the Gen Y & Z program thinking she would end up in a nursing profession and ended up in construction and she couldn’t be happier!  Working at Advanced Exteriors as a construction labourer, Taylor is continually learning about windows, doors, siding, gutters and capping, and working with a variety of hand and power tools. She is excited to go into work to see what projects need to be done for the day and to be challenged on the jobsite. Taylor said that her crew is awesome and willing to teach her new skills.


Don Gillespie is the Owner/Sales Manager of Advanced Exteriors and was so impressed with Taylor’s interview that he was more than willing to complete a work experience with her. Don said that Taylor was well prepared for the interview – she had done her company research and had a good idea of job responsibilities. 


Don expressed gratitude to Being Human Services for recommending Taylor for his company. It relieved a lot of pressure not having to go through 100 resumes to find someone who was willing to learn on the jobsite and would be committed to the company’s mandate of quality of workmanship and high level of service. He is very impressed with Taylor and her work ethic. She shows up early to work and is eager to learn. Taylor earns her keep, keeps up with the crew, works hard, is strong and not afraid to get her hands dirty. Don said she is a rare find and a keeper.


Don would like to thank Being Human Services for providing such a worthwhile program to small and independently owned businesses such as Advanced Exteriors. The wage subsidy was a benefit to his company while Taylor was learning on the job

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