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Returning to Work

Richard hadn’t worked since 2009 due to physical and mental health issues. Recently, his condition improved to the point that his doctors said that he could work again and so he was referred to Being Human Services for help with his career planning and job search. Richard took part in their Smart Steps employment services for people with disabilities. Richard needed a slower paced, part time position with the potential to grow to full time as he becomes more accustomed to working again. He needed a patient and supportive employer who was willing to create a flexible work schedule so Richard can attend support groups and continue his recovery.


Being Human Services staff helped Richard identify a job and employer that were a good fit and accompanied him to his job interview to support him and help explain his needs to the employer. Today, Richard is working 24-30 hours per week as a front-desk clerk at a hotel. Being Human Services staff have stayed in contact with both Richard and his employer to make sure everything continues to run smoothly.


"I am grateful to Being Human Services staff for their help. I now have an employer who is supportive and I feel confident that I can talk to my employer and Being Human Services if I have any concerns."

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